Book Club

Book Club

Join our monthly book club


The Vose Library book club meets on the third Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise indicated) at 1:15 pm, discussion beginning at 1:30. If you’d like some social time beforehand, please arrive a little earlier.

The person who suggested the book becomes the discussion facilitator.

  • The facilitator’s job is to help keep the discussion going and on track (short presentations are welcome but not necessary.
  • We take turns going around the room, allowing each member to talk about his or her experience reading the book. 
  • A one-minute or less blurb from each person before general discussion is requested.
  • Members who haven’t read the book, please come anyway. Not everyone can finish every book, but non-readers may still have valuable insights.
  • Come to have fun and engage in the process of shared exploration.


Fall 2021

Book Choices

Everyone suggests two books one month, and then everyone votes for their top choices the following month. We will choose our winter books for October to May, and our summer books for June to September. If your book is chosen, you will be the facilitator for that book’s discussion.

  • Do choose books which you have read or seriously looked through to gauge length and ease.
  • Do mix genres. A steady diet of one thing can be dull, dull, dull. Try interspersing fiction—current and classic—with nonfiction: poetry, history, or biography.
  • Do choose books which have been out for at least a year, so they will be readily available.
  • Choose books which are less dense in page number and easier to complete. For nonfiction especially, consider shorter books.
  • Diversify interests. Reading a book someone “just loves” can lead to hurt feelings—like inviting people into your home to critique your decor. Ouch. Best to stay on neutral territory.
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